List of features requested

  1. Backpacks - Craft to drop a backpack containing your stuff when you die.
  2. New inventory system with tabs and a hotbar.
  3. Items can be attached to hotbar with the inventory
  4. Hotbar and menu flashes red when hurt, and possibly other colors for status effects (Like green for poison)
  5. Hotbar and menu user options for changing color.
  6. Highlights instead of arrow pointing to items.
  7. New controls method (relates to 2 as well)
  8. Style #1: Arrow keys and mouse movement, A/S switch tabs or open inventory, D is interact, C is Inventory and lastly Z and X are crafting and armor(in that position on purpose because they're only optional). You can only mine right next to you and building has a little reach if playing with mouse.