Running Minicraft on Windows (Screenshots are Windows 7)

  1. Download and install Java here
  2. Download either Minicraft+ or Minicraft Deluxe from the previous page.
  3. Double-click to open!
  4. If it opens with something that isn't the game, right click it and go Open with...
    Open with
  5. Then choose Java(TM) Platform SE binary and click ok
  6. Now double clicking will work!

If the above does not work, you can try opening through the Terminal

  1. Open up Terminal
  2. Type in cd (File Location)
    Changing Directory
  3. Type in java -jar FileName.jar

It's good to note that usally an error can be fixed with a restart or simply reinstalling Java.
If you are stumped or something didn't work, try asking the Discord here.